Equity Research

Arthur Wood's Equity Research Team is comprised of experienced research analysts who deliver market insight with original and differentiated ideas. 

Arthur Wood's Equity Research methodology is rooted in a channel-based approach and is focused on technology, consumer discretionary/electronics.  Within these sectors, coverage areas include: hardware, components, software, telecom, cable and media.

Arthur Wood's Sales team is differentiated from traditional Wall Street sales teams in terms of experience, focus and industry understanding. Each salesman has decades of institutional sales experience and each salesman is focused on only two research verticals: TMT and Consumer.

The Sales Team

Carmine D'Amelio
Managing Director

Joe Majike
Managing Director

Equity Sales

Paul Rodriguez
Managing Director
Research Analyst Technology

The Research Team

Jeff Johnston
Managing Director
Research Analyst Technology

Reid McCarthy
Institutional Salesman

The Compliance Staff

Anne Buckley
Compliance Officer - Equity Research & Sales

Richard Vietze
Managing Director

Don M. McCarthy
Business Development